‘BML SMART Nurseries’ are childcare centres that have unique training and expertise to support children’s developing bilingualism and multilingualism. They are located around the world.





What are the benefits of becoming a 'BML SMART Nursery?'

There are so many benefits! First of all, your staff will gain a high level of expertise needed to support children and families with their developing bilingualism and multilingualism. Our nursery teachers have already told us that they feel confident and empowered because they know how to advise parents about their child’s developing languages. This is also a unique selling point for parents when they are looking to choose a nursery.

When you become a ‘BML SMART Nursery,’ we want you to tell everyone about it! It’s a story worth sharing and you should be proud of the fact that you have special expertise with the fastest-growing population of learners. We provide you with a certificate that you can display in your nursery, as well as a logo that you can add to all of your website, social media and marketing materials, if you choose to. We will also add your nursery name to our website and social media with direct links.

All ‘BML SMART Nurseries’ can join our ‘Nursery Network’ which gives each person access to our monthly newsletter as well as two free, online trainings (from a variety of options) per year.


Is there a fee to become a 'BML SMART Nursery'?

If at least 80% of the total number of your nursery teachers (preschool, daycare or early childhood) have been trained in our 4-hour course, then they automatically become recognised as a BML SMART Nursery. It is totally free for the first year.

After the first year, there is an annual admin fee of £100 to renew. Admin fees cover the administrative work to maintain your records and certificates; as well as providing you access to our ‘Nursery Network’. The Nursery Network offers a monthly newsletter to all of our BML SMART Nurseries; as well as access to 2 free (online) Zoom trainings per year.


We would like our Nursery to become a 'BML SMART Nursery'. How do we start?

First, you will need to enrol at least 80% of the total number of nursery (preschool, daycare or early childhood) teachers in our 4-hour, online course, ‘Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out.’ You can register your staff for the course HERE.

After all the teachers have successfully completed the course, they will receive an individual certificate to document their professional training. We will also provide you with a certificate of recognition for your nursery as a ‘BML SMART Nursery’ along with several other benefits (mentioned here in the FAQs). To maintain your status, you will simply pay an annual admin fee after the first year (£100 per nursery).

If you would like to enrol your nursery (early childhood centre, preschool or daycare) in our training course to become a ‘BML SMART Nursery,’ simply visit our Nursery Course page.


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