The World is Becoming More Globalised and so are the Students we Teach

We are a social enterprise that aspires to spread best practices for BMLs to teachers in English-speaking schools around the world

The days of having an ‘ESL teacher’ to meet the needs of a small number of BMLs in a school are long-gone. With growing numbers of BMLs in so many classrooms today, the fact that every teacher needs greater access to quality training can’t be ignored.

That’s why we’ve created this institute – to spread best practices around the world, making it easy for almost any school or teacher to get the knowledge, skills and expertise they need. 


Our Story…

13 years ago, we were both international teachers living in the UAE. We left our teaching jobs to run our consulting company, IngeniousEd, where we supported schools and students.

One of the projects we ran in Dubai was an after-school intervention programme for students who struggled with reading and writing. Sadly, many of these children had been misdiagnosed with dyslexia and other learning disabilities but were simply bilingual and multilingual learners. When BMLs came to us, we watched them improve quickly with the right teaching strategies. We realised that helping BMLs on a larger scale meant that teachers needed access to high-quality, professional training.

This led us to write our book, Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out: Elevating Expertise in Classrooms and Beyond. After, we developed and trialed our own teacher-training courses with educators locally and around the world. These courses launched at the 2016 IB Conference of the Americas in Toronto and since then, our social enterprise has moved to the UK. As with all social enterprises, we designed the Centre to create social impact. When a social enterprise succeeds, it means that society also benefits. 

As I look forward to the future of our Centre for Educators of BMLs, I see exciting partnerships and collaborations with people, organisations and associations which can help us further our social goals. Most importantly, I know that our organisation’s success means that more teachers are being empowered and more BMLs are thriving in their schools and communities.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to collaborate or partner with us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Francesca McGeary, Director

Take a look at our sketchnote below to learn more about our social enterprise:



Teachers in US with no BML- related training

Average number of nationalities within an international school


BMLs in some Toronto schools


Australian primary teachers who felt they needed specific training with BMLs


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