Helping Your Bilingual or Multilingual Child Thrive at Home & School


We know parents like you have many questions about raising your baby or young child bilingually or multilingually. You wonder if they’ll start talking later than usual, if they’ll struggle in school and how to handle it if they don’t speak your language back to you. This e-book is filled with many “golden tips” and ideas that you can use to help your child thrive at home and school; but it will also give you the expert knowledge you need to feel confident on your bilingual/multilingual parenting journey.




This easy-to-read book will give you a good look at the benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism through personal experience, research and individual stories. It also provides you with many practical tips and tools to help guide you on this unique journey.

You can expect to learn why raising your child with multiple languages is completely normal and why these skills are becoming more and more valuable in our society. When children speak multiple languages, they become more empathetic and can better understand others. They can access deep cultural wisdom and this helps to expand the way they see and participate in the world.

This book shares why your home languages and cultures are so valuable and how they can help grow your child’s identity. You’ll understand the benefits of having a child who can tap into different cultures through their languages; and you’ll also learn how to help nurture this.

The strategy section of the book gives you many practical ideas that you can use immediately. For example, you’ll learn how to create a list of “Cultural Connectors” to help you plan different ways to grow your child’s languages and cultural identity. Find out how to get your friends and extended family involved in the process; and learn how to advance your child’s vocabulary. Get answers to some of the toughest questions you have about your child’s learning and education.

This book is essential for every parent who wants to raise a bilingual or multilingual child. It will help you see the magic in your home languages and cultures; and will give you the skill and confidence you need to pass them down to your children successfully!


PLEASE NOTE: This book is even more impactful if you have already completed our Parent Masterclass (although it’s not a requirement).