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Francesca McGeary, M.A. (Hons), Dip TESOL

Francesca McGeary, M.A. (Hons), Dip TESOL

Educator |  Linguist  | Author | Bilingual Specialist | Literacy Specialist

Francesca McGeary enjoys working with students, parents and teachers. She is a lover of languages, art and culture and speaks 6 languages, including Mandarin. Originally born in Scotland, she was also raised in Brussels, Belgium as a “third-culture-kid.” She began her teaching career at the International School of Brussels as an EAL teacher and later worked in other international schools around the globe as an EAL Coordinator. She later opened and ran her educational consultancy, IngeniousEd, for 9 years along with her colleague, Alison Schofield in Dubai, UAE. Currently, Francesca is working with schools and teachers worldwide while traveling and sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Alison Schofield, Master of Teaching BEd, BA Psych

Alison Schofield, Master of Teaching BEd, BA Psych

Educator | Author | Bilingual Specialist | Entrepreneur | Disability Specialist

Alison began her career as a disability specialist and behavioural therapist before first becoming a special education teacher. She grew up in Northern Ontario, Canada and taught in the multicultural cities of Calgary and Toronto before moving to the UAE. She has worked extensively with indigenous children and multicultural communities. Alison later worked as a teacher and Learning Support Coordinator within international schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and began working with bilingual and multilingual learners more intensively. After running her educational consultancy, IngeniousEd, for 9 years in Dubai, she then co-founded the Centre for Educators of BMLs with her friend and colleague, Francesca. Alison is an avid entrepreneur who loves writing, learning about different cultures and working with teachers around the globe.



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