Francesca McGeary, M.A. (Hons), Dip TESOL

Francesca is Co-Founder, Consultant and Director at the Centre. Originally from Scotland, she was also raised in Belgium and experienced first-hand what it was like to be educated in a new language in secondary school. Francesca speaks 6 languages, including Mandarin. She has been an EAL Coordinator in several international and local schools across the globe.

Francesca started the educational company, IngeniousEd, and ran it with her colleague Alison, for 9 years in Dubai. She has led high-stakes school improvement projects and created the Literacy Intervention Programme (LIP), a specialised intervention approach for accelerating students’ reading and writing skills.

 Francesca now works closely with educators, teachers and parents and enjoys sharing new insights about bilingualism, multilingualism and literacy. In her spare time, she is an avid collector of modern art, Chinese costumes and enjoys traveling.


Alison Schofield, Master of Teaching BEd, BA Psych, DSW (Dip)

Alison is also a Co-Founder and Consultant at the Centre. She started her career as a disability and behavioural therapist before training as a special education teacher. She has worked for Community Living in Ontario, Canada and with youth in secure treatment settings in Alberta.

Alison gained rich experiences working with indigenous children and communities. She later became a Learning Support coordinator and Literacy Specialist in local and international schools in the UAE and she has worked extensively with local Emirati and expatriate children. Together with Francesca, Alison co-founded IngeniousEd and ran school consulting projects, led teacher-training initiatives and developed the Literacy Intervention Programme (LIP) for struggling readers and writers.

Alison was raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. She speaks conversational Arabic and loves traveling and learning about other cultures. She’s also an avid sketchnoter and writer. 






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