This exciting initiative will begin September 2021.

Are you passionate about BMLs, elevating teaching practise and continuing your professional growth? If so, our Educator Grant programme may be just what you’re looking for!

We know that educators have untapped potential to make change and contribute positively to their students, schools and the broader field of education. That’s why we have opened up this new opportunity for educators to dig deeper into their professional development and step out as leaders.


Action research involves a practical yet in-depth investigation into a specific educational question you have. The objective is focused around better understanding an issue and improving practises or conditions around it. For example, you might wonder if (and how) your specific assessment policy enables BMLs to better demonstrate what they’ve learned; or you might be curious to find out if the BMLs in your Year 10 science class will improve their independent research skills with a specific scaffolding approach you’re using. Participants undertaking action research are motivated to come up with innovative solutions and approaches to problems within their areas of practise. Within a guided framework, they set out to define, observe, collect data and draw conclusions about their investigations. A key component of action research is the sharing of your results so others can benefit from your work.

We will be opening up two Educator Grant opportunities as of September 2021. Selected participants will carry out an action research project of their choice, within their classroom or school. The project should be focused on a specific issue that relates to improving the teaching and learning or social/emotional development for bilingual and multilingual learners. The project can focus on BMLs of any age (e.g. early years to upper secondary) and can pertain to a broad area of focus (e.g. primary literacy) or even a specific, subject-based area (e.g. improving BMLs’ writing in Gr. 10 science). The project will run anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the topic.

Throughout their research journey, the educators will document their process and ultimately present their findings in a way that allows other educators to benefit (e.g. create a report, share a presentation, etc.). At every stage, the participant will collaborate with our consultants for discussion and/or collaborative support.

Each participant will receive $1,000 USD at the end of the research project (as an ‘honorarium;’ but up to $300 can be accessed at the start of the project for any specific supplies or materials, if required).


Interested individuals should send us an email requesting they be added to our applicant list ( In July, we will send out the full application form, complete with all the details, for submission. We will select the individuals in early August 2021. Your school administrator or director will need to sign off on your application, giving approval as a condition.

* Please note: we are only selecting individuals who have already completed our Principal’s Course or Educator’s Course at this time.

If you have any questions about this initiative, you can get in touch with us at the above email address.





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