Find our schedule of courses and online training events below. All Webinars are free and open to educators, administrators & TAs

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July 2020

6    8-Week Educator’s Course

       (runs until Aug 30th)


August 2020




September 2020

30   WEBINAR: ‘What to do if your BML has learning issues.’ (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

October 2020

1    8-Week Educator’s Course

1   6-Week Principal’s Course

1   4-Week Teaching Assistant’s Course

28  WEBINAR: ‘The Literacy Needs of  BMLs’        Registration closed)

November 2020

25  WEBINAR: ‘Differentiating for BMLs at Different Stages of Proficiency’ (Register HERE)



December 2020


January 2021

21   8-Week Educator’s Course

21   6-Week Principal’s Course

21   4-Week Teaching Assistant’s Course

25   WEBINAR: ‘Help! My BML is not progressing!’  Postponed until further notice

February 2021

24  WEBINAR: ‘Supporting your BMLs’ Languages & Cultures’ – postponed until further notice

March 2021

24 WEBINAR: ‘Accelerating BMLs’ Progress’



April 2021

 21   WEBINAR: ‘Tip Top Study Skills for BMLs’


May 2021

26   WEBINAR: ‘Using a Consultancy Model of Support for your BML Department’ 

June 2021

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