Bilingual & Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out: Nursery and Pre-School Teacher’s Course

An Exceptional Certified Course

Bilingual & Multilingual Learners are the Fastest Growing Student Population in Schools and Nurseries Today. All Teachers Must Gain new Expertise to Understand the Important Role they Play in Impacting their Students’ Learning Paths from Early Childhood to Adolescence

Since nursery and pre-school staff can often be the first point of contact for bilingual and multilingual families, it’s critical they understand how to answer parent questions and accurately advise them about supporting and maintaining their child’s bilingualism/multilingualism. 

By the time many children reach kindergarten, their parents have already been (incorrectly) advised that speaking “English only” is best if the child is going to attend an English school. This advice is not only incorrect but it can also result in many negative familial, social and cultural effects.

This 4-hour, 4-week certified course is designed to empower nursery and pre-school teachers with all the expertise, skills and confidence they need to provide an outstanding model of care for their young multicultural learners.

If you work with infants, toddlers and early learners up to 4 or 5 years of age, this course is ideal for you! To register for this course, please get in touch directly with us: 


Get Ready to Learn:


What the Research says about Bilingual and Multilingual Learners in Nurseries and Schools 


How to Incorporate Best Practices, Policies and Procedures into your Nursery/Preschool


How to Create Lessons, Learning Activities and High-Impact Routines that Enhance Language Development in BMLs


To Support and Advise Bilingual and Multilingual Families Accurately 


How Does it Work Exactly?

This course is an online, blended learning format which means that participants spend some time learning and sharing through our online platform but they also carry out course learning activities directly in their nurseries or pre-schools.

Each week, participants are able to access a new learning module which includes: a focused instructional video, key learning tasks and teaching strategies for them to carry out in their nurseries/pre-schools. Then by the end of the week deadline, they post evidence of their work on our online platform (e.g. pictures, short video, etc.). Instructors will then provide comments, feedback and/or recommendations to participants. There is a total of one hour of coursework per week for each of the 4 modules. Participants who successfully complete all assignments will be provided with a certificate at the end of the course. 

* Please note, this course is suited for those working with infants and young children up to 4 or 5 years of age. If you are working in a school setting and your learners are 4 and above, you are advised to take our Educator’s Course.

This training is conducted by Francesca McGeary, our consultant, author and expert from the Centre for Educators of BMLs. The aim of the Institute is to support schools and teachers around the world to:

  • Better understand BMLs and how to maximise their strengths within the educational environment
  • Learn relevant research and strategies that make a huge impact in the achievement of BMLs
  • Understand the key approaches and techniques that enable BMLs to thrive (academically, socially, emotionally, culturally)
  • Create culturally-rich and culturally-responsive learning environments that maximise student success

Read more about our Centre HERE

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